21 stycznia 2014

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1g1yy36u Year: 2007 Transmission: Automatic Make: Chevrolet Body Type: Convertible Model: Corvette Vehicle Title: Clear Trim: Base Convertible 2-Door Options: Bose stereo system, Navigation, USB, Auxilary Imput, Leather Seats, CD Player, Convertible Engine: 6.0L 5967CC 364Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags Drive Type: RWD Power Options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats Mileage: 29,748 Fuel Type: Premium Exterior Color: Silver For Sale By: Private Seller Interior Color: light gray or silver Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Number of Cylinders: 8 This 2007 Chevrolet Corvette convertible is in fantastic condition! The reserve on it is $32,995 because that’s what I owe on it. So I obviously will not take a dime under the reserve so serious bidders only please. Second thing you should know, the black stuff over both the logos can easily be picked off and the original logos are underneath in perfect condition, I promise. I just left them that way incase you liked it better, as I do. Good part is that the black stuff doesn’t come off unless you physically try to take it off. Ok, so now, I bought this vehicle literally less than four months ago. UnfortunaUSUNy I need to downsize and my loss is your gain. The best part is that I got it from Galpin Ford. Galpin is the #1 Ford dealership in the world and their pre-owned cars have to pass a 174 point inspection in order to sell.They spend a ton of money in reconditioning. As you can USUNl by the pictures, the car is extremely clean inside and out and mechanically perfect as well due to the dealership. First the bad stuff; the car is indeed 7 years old so it does have a couple of minor scratches here and there but nothing that can’t be fixed at an inexpensive price. Now the good stuff: Galpin put three new tires on it and the fourth has tons of tread as well. I’m actually the third owner of this car but have only driven it 7,000 miles so it should really only be 2 lol I have babied this car since I’ve gotten it and the previous 2 owners didn’t even really drive it. It’s got navigation, a Bose stereo system and every other goodie you probably want. The top is in perfect condition. I love music so I got USB and auxiliary inputs installed as well and they work perfectly as you can see in the pictures. It also comes with the very rare light interior leather, which is something I had to have, because in Southern California, you burn on black leather. Speaking of which, another thing I did is put tint on it, but don’t worry, it’s not the limo kind you get pulled over for. If there’s anything I’m missing, feel free to USUN me and I’ll respond usually within 24 hours. Do NOT let someone one else get this vehicle before you do because its very rare, it’s got very low miles and you’re gonna love driving it just like I did! EUSUN me and let me know when is a good time for a test drive or just buy the damn thing cause you won’t regret it. Check out my history and bid with confidence. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BIDDING!!!!!!!!!

14 grudnia 2013

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 4F4CR12A1STM04562 Year: 1996 Transmission: Automatic Make: Mazda Body Type: Pickup Truck Model: B-Series Pickups Cab Type (For Trucks Only): Regular Cab Trim: Base Vehicle Title: Clear Engine: 2,302 cc 2.3 liters in-line 4 front longitudinal Options: CD Player Drive Type: Rear-wheel Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag Mileage: 130,502 Power Options: Air Conditioning Exterior Color: Red Fuel Type: Gasoline Interior Color: Gray For Sale By: Private Seller Number of Cylinders: 4 Attention Scallywags: Do not apply. Have you ever asked yourself, „how can I be more badass with women?” If so, read the heck on! Behold the * m a g i c * that is this manly piece of badass , Mazda B2300, pure balls-to-the-wall, instant „manly factor” multiplier. This screams „I’m a man’s man!” + a billion. This is only for real men looking to add a little bit of edge to their life — looking to score hot dates with supermodel chicks who are supermodels. From E u r o p e . And B r a z i l . And T e x a s . Because when you roll up in this grizzly, people will automatically l ÔÔ k at you, and know that you don’t give a flying rat’s „F” about anything in life….especially not superficial things like a fancy-ass Mercedes Royce or having the newest designer pet chihuahua. Go sip on your latte, and get outta’ my face! This rough and tumble machine doesn’t care about your $1,500 terry cloth robe , or your pedicures . He doesn’t play by the rules! Why? Because he’s a true badass, and a true badass starts at the ground up with a solid chassis built from pure bull testosterone, ice cold domestic beer, a little bit of steel, and a dash of Chuck Norris. Suck on that! Well guess what, a s s h o l e. It only gets better from here…. Next, Mazda’s engineers who have all won Nobel Prizes in badassery, sorcery, and scoring with chicks, strapped a gutsy power plant to the frame that wasn’t built for the faint of heart. They started big at 70 horsepower. But they didn’t stop there. After simultaneously shotgunning 4 beers, and smashing the cans on their forehead like any true badass would do, they ingeniously devised a way to crank up the horsepowerage to a breathtaking, 112 sweaty horseballs, power. That’s right. Let’s see if you can tame all 112 of these monsters. $5 and a case of Pabst says you can’t! But I welcome your challenge. It’ll be a real test of your manhood. If you push this beast hard enough, you can almost chirp the wheels in first beer…I mean, gear. B-I-T-C-H-I-N’!!! To take it a step further, they custom fitted this monster beast with a plush (but not too plush, because too plush would be for sissies, and this pig ain’t for no sissy, girly, boy) nylon covered bench seat. It’s perfect for having your supermodel chick girlfriends slide on over closer to you, so you can throw your dude arm across her silky, smooth, shoulder blade skin that smells like cocoa butter and sexy, in a real Rico Suave-esque manner . For added effect, and just to show its durability, I ripped a seam on the driver’s side, just to show that it won’t get its feelings hurt. Because he ain’t no sissy! It’s a badge of honor that this hoss proudly wears. DEAL WITH IT, B I O T C H E S! And USUNl your girlfriend to respect the rules of this piece. You shut your mouth when you’re talking in my truck! But hold on to your man-titties, because we’re not done yet! Real men don’t believe in power anything, unless it’s power tools, power cleans, the power of Jesus, and powerball. Therefore, this t i g e r comes equipped with „crank-it-your-own-d a m n-self” windows. They work, because they’re mechanical. And that’s all I’ll say about that! If you want a p a n s y , t u t t i – f r u i t t i , power windows, cushy girl car, go get your boring a s s in a stupid Japanese-built wussy Toyota Camry, and be a lifelong loser, because this ain’t for you. Because you’re a man of iron , black coffee , and grit , you only rock out to the most badass, fist-pumping, knockout, bare knuckles boxing, alligator wrasslin’ anthem that clearly defines your amazing existence as a man. In order to jam out every day of your life, Mazda helps you in that department too, by cramming in a heart stoppin’, pumpin’, thumpin’, bassin’ factory installed sound system. But they didn’t get too carried away. Because this ain’t no low-rider, L.A. car show contestant trying to show off his $80,000 Pioneer sound system. That’s WEAK SAUCE!!! Nope. This rugged hog is a major contestant in „Being A Wicked Extreme Badass!” So shut your pie hole, and pump up your MANthem! Let the city b i t c h e s hear it! I don’t care much for bright c o l o r s myself. But I also have a reputation to keep. Choosing an exterior color can make or break you. Because you’re a man that doesn’t give a crap about that stuff, and nothing gets to you, you know deep in your man soul, that you can’t be broken. You sip Jameson whiskey straight from the bottle, dump that s h i t in your coffee, and brush your teeth with it. For this badass-ness, only one color can accuraUSUNy describe your life. Cherry-freakin’-red. Buckle in, a s s h o l e. This manmobile shouts to mother earth that you are secure in your manhood. So grab your crotch, and be proud you have a big, swingin’ d i c k, and push the pedal to the floor, racking up poor gas mileage along the way. Actually, not really. Even though you might be fooled by it’s brawny exterior, he can be a gentle soul too, averaging in neighborhood of 20-25 miles per gallon. But let’s not get too over-the-top, here. He has a manly reputation to preserve. This husky scamp has a history of kicking ass and taking names. It’s been trekked everywhere from the dusty , stinky petroleum s h i t fields of L u b b o c k, T e x a s , to the border-crossing streets of San Diego; from the steep ice and snow covered mountain drives of Northern California, to the hippie, pot smokin’ backroads of Seattle and Portland. Here, he quietly rests, waiting for the next proud owner to unhinge its raw, burly, hauling power . Finally, it’s understood and implied that this may be more than you can handle. So to tone down its scarred, beefy body, and to give the impression that despite its mighty Herculean persona of blood, guts, booze, and unfiltered cigarettes, it received a Jesus tattoo many moons ago. It’s a tattoo that shows it cares about other important things in life, like raising a good family, medium-rare cow beef steaks, Lava hand soap, Saturday nights with the guys, D a l l a s C o w b o y s football, automatic rifles, A m e r i c a n flags, and The God blessed, fire-breathing, Constitution of the United States of George Bush’s A m e r i c a. Amen! This hard-bodied stud likes the cold, hard, Benjamins or cashier’s cheques. I even spelled it fancy-like to show that I’m no fool when it comes to economic matters. I might even be willing to part with this brute savage for a check. But if it bounces, I’ll punch you in chest plate, and move on to somebody more financially adept. It’s almost too good to be true. So good, that I’m actually thinking about just keeping it……But no. I made a commitment, and I need to see it through. I must be strong. Must. Be. Strong. So hurry up and get your meathooks on it soon, before some other carpetbaggin’, hellion monkey drives off into the brisk morning air with him. Q and A: -Wes, do you deliver to my location?: Yes. And you’ve just learned something else about me. That’s right, my name is Wes. And your name is „lucky sonofagun” if you make the best choice of your life and pay me cold, hard cash for this ridiculous ride. -What about safety features, Wes?: Yeah, what about ‘em? Look, the government governs the way you can unleash this mule on public roads, it also deems that certain safety features come standard, and that you are to use them accordingly. Fine. Whatever. So you USUNl yourself, „I’m a badass no matter what, but I’ll keep myself from getting locked up at county with a guy named Tiny, another named Jingles, and a third guy named Tom. So I’ll wear this safety harness across my rock-hard body, and flip on the headlights during the evening hours of dark. But I won’t be happy about it, and I’ll roll down my window and yell obscenities at old ladies, because I can! Bite me, government rules.” The point is, all that crap works. And it works well. Would you expect anything less though? I mean, really?! Just look at it. -The paint’s a little dinged up: Yeah, well, that’s called real life. It comes at you fast, bro. Besides, you really want this glimmering, shimmering sex machine catching the eye of some small time thief? You really don’t want to be living your own version of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Consider the lived-in feel a natural crime deterrent. If this truck were denim jeans, it’d be called „de-stressed” and you’d be paying extra for the privilege. I’m not gonna charge you extra for it, though, because I’m not trying to take advantage of you. But you should take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
-But, aren’t you sad about selling the greatest truck on earth?: No. When you drive this strapping ogre once it permanently eliminates your ability to feel sad about anything ever again. Even for little puppies who are afraid to walk down the stairs, because the stairs…they’re so big, and they’re so little. Puppies who are young, but have already discovered the world to be a cold, unforgiving place. But you won’t give a s h i t about it because you’ll be in your awesome new truck living the dream.

 Mazda B Series Pickups Base

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Volkswagen Passat GLX

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4 grudnia 2013

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): WVWTH63B63P255589 Year: 2003 Number of Cylinders: 6 Make: Volkswagen Transmission: Automatic Model: Passat Body Type: Sedan Trim: GLX 4 Motion Sedan 4-Door Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Engine: 2.8L 2771CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated Vehicle Title: Clear Drive Type: AWD Options: SuUSUNoof, Cassette Player, 4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, CD Player Mileage: 99,000 Safety Features: Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags Sub Model: GLX Power Options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats Exterior Color: Silver Fuel Type: Gasoline Interior Color: Gray For Sale By: Private Seller Who
am I buying from? I’m a single mom and I’m selling this car by Faith knowing
that God will provide for us. I believe he will replace the car. I will let
nothing turn me aside from Christ. Nothing will turn me away from what is right
and what is just. I know what it’s like to need and I know what it’s like to have. I know what
it’s like to give and I know what it’s like to receive. All types of crazy
things have happened in my life but one thing I know for certain is you can’t
hold me down because Jesus is my leader.
Right now we have a problem with our society. We’ve become a generation of
finger pointers almost never taking responsibility for anything. I’ve been a
finger pointer but a miraculous thing happened, I Grew the Heck up! Look in the
mirror and ask yourself „Do I need to grow the heck up?” Have I been
blaming God, politicians, doctors, and teachers for all of my troubles? We all
have unfair experiences in life. I’ve had enough to fill a warehouse but we’ve
gotta shake it off and keep on going. Ask God for strength through Jesus to
pull you through. In case you didn’t know Jesus is the only way.
ME: I’m a mom and this is what we do.
Now, now some of you may think I’m being judgmental and I’m some cold hearted
bitter person. Nah I’m not. I’m just rather ticked that my refusal to sleep
around with every TOM, DICK and HARRY has left a woman with all of my qualities
in the lurch. It’s OK though because I know the truth. Just about every man
I’ve spoken to who has a long term „girlfriend” and a child has said
they are leaving when the kid hits 18. Don’t hate the messenger. That is soooo
not happening here. Many women and men will be standing there looking like Boo
Boo the fool because they put their faith in money instead of God. I didn’t want to put off making this hard and necessary decision so here is my
2003 VW Passat for sale. I have bills to pay and I have a responsibility to pay
them. This will go towards getting everything current. It will also go towards
my gear because rolling out looking tore up from the floor up isn’t becoming
for women. The great thing is I have freedom to choose how to use it. ———————————————– YOU: ONCE AGAIN LADY I JUST WANT TO BUY A CAR. PLUS NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD
Me: Look when you hear God call you and you approach him you could be drunk,
naked, stink, a thief even a murder and as long as you BELIEVE in Christ Jesus
the son of God who came in the flesh then you will be saved. You can’t save
yourself my friend. God owns everything and if I ask my Father for clothes he
provides. It’s just a matter of which vessel. I personally shop sales and the
thrift. I’ve even asked people from fellowship when I had to but one thing
remains true The Lord has always provided me with gear.
Selling this car will model for my son how to Man UP when the times get rough. It’s
a sad, sad, day when a woman has to model how to be a man. Do I want to sell my car? No, but I’m tired of seeing people not doing what
they need to do to make this Country a better place. Right now our citizens are
scooping buckets of water out of the ocean and pouring it into the ship. Oh and I must say. I’m Anti-Hate so if you’re claiming the name of our Father
and preaching hate then you need to check that garbage at the door because we
all have fallen short of the Glory of God. Give me an Amen. Read Matthew
Trust in God he is good. He will make a way where there seems to be no way.
J’adore Jésus.
Mateo 22: 36 – 40
36 Maestro, ¿cuál es el Mandamiento Grande en la ley?
37 Y Jesús le dijo: Amarás al Señor tu Dios de todo tu corazón y de toda tu
alma y de toda tu mente.
38 Este es el Primero y el Grande Mandamiento.
39 Y el Segundo es semejante a éste: Amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo.
40 De estos dos mandamientos depende toda la ley y los profetas. This car works great. The headlight bulbs, the alternator
and the battery are pretty new. The
speaker cover in the back is cracked, the dash isn’t as bright as it should be
and the radio area is missing a button. The splash guard under the car isn’t
there anymore and there is still a piece of plastic that needs to be removed
from the splash guard. This has no effect on how the car runs. It’s all leather
with heated seats and a moon roof. The mirrors on the sun visor are lighted.
There are cup holders and lights in the back. There is also an ashtray thing in
the back as well as the front but it’s hidden. It has a lot of trunk space and it’s pretty darn clean. It also has a
built in shade in the back to guard your precious ones from getting sun burned.
Smoke free, animal free car. It can be driven to you and delivered for an
additional fee of a $1000. I can take paypal for down payment. Then you can pay with certified Cashiers Check or Cash . $1,000 Down required with in 24hrs of end of Auction. You can contact me
through ebay. Grace be with you

 Volkswagen Passat GLX

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VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): WP0AA0942FN470372 Year: 1984 Interior Color: Black Make: Porsche Number of Cylinders: 4 Model: 944 Transmission: Manual Trim: Base Coupe 2-Door Body Type: Coupe Engine: 2.5L 2475CC l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Drive Type: RWD Vehicle Title: Clear Mileage: 95,773 Fuel Type: GAS Exterior Color: Black For Sale By: Private Seller I am selling my 944. I brought it as a play car to upgrade with a LS1 and modify some things to it but never got around to it because of family matters. I drive this car to work at least 2x a week. It runs good, I just replace the clutch a few months back. The windows work but the buttons need to be fastened to the door panel. The window wipers work, the a/c blows but not cold. Every thing else is listed above in the condition description.

 Porsche 944 Base Coupe 2 Door

22 listopada 2013

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JUSUNDR07X61W103951 Year: 2001 Transmission: Automatic Make: Infiniti Body Type: Sport Utility Model: QX4 Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Trim: Base Sport Utility 4-Door Vehicle Title: Clear Engine: 3.5L 3498CC V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated Options: SuUSUNoof Drive Type: RWD Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes Mileage: 97,125 Power Options: Air Conditioning Exterior Color: Black Fuel Type: GAS Interior Color: Black For Sale By: Private Seller Number of Cylinders: 6 Im selling my 2001 infiniti qx4.The car runs and drives not perfect but needs some work.The car needs paint on the roof and some of the body trim.Im not really sure about the mileage on the title it says 97125 but the odometer says 220000.The previous ower said he changed the odometer because it stopped working and now reads the 220000 so im not really sure what to make of it.I have the car listed for half of the blue book trade in value which i believe is more than fair .The air conditioning works.The autocheck score is 60 which is very good for this vechicle.The kbb trade in value is $4900 in fair condition which the way kbb describes it ,my car seems to fit that catagory.Im not trying to get even close to blue book because i know the car needs work The kbb private party value is $6300 in fair condition.But someone could put a little time and money into this and make a nice profit or have a nice suv for a great price.If you have any

 Infiniti QX4 Base Sport Utility 4 Door

1998 Dodge Ram 3500

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23 października 2013

on: Automatic Make: Dodge Body Type: Pickup Truck Model: Ram 3500 Vehicle Title: Clear Trim: Base Extended Cab Pickup 4-Door Options: 4-Wheel Drive Engine: 5. l6 DIESEL OHV Turbocharged Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag Drive Type: 4WD Power Options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows Mileage: 77,470 Fuel Type: Diesel Exterior Color: Silver For Sale By: Private Seller Interior Color: Gray Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty Number of Cylinders: 6 This 1998 is the the last year for the 12 valve engine, first year for the new interior design and first year for the four doors. I am the third owner of this truck and have had it just about three years. This truck is in excellent condition. It has never been in an accident and has never been repainted. The only paint flaws which i have pointed out are on the rear fender flairs which is do to the fiberglass. One dent on the front drivers side bumper and on on the rear bumper. The truck is solid, starts, drives straight, shifts smooth, rides nice and runs with no problems what so ever. There are no leaks of any fluids. All interior functions work, heater a/c ect. The tires are Toyo brand and have about 70% tread. The original owner lived in central Oregon used it to to a fifth wheel from time to time. The second owner also from Oregon which whom I purchased it from had a cab over camper on for a short period of time until he decided to purchase an RV. I bought it with intentions to do a bit of camping with a 21 foot travel trailer which only happened once. It basically has sat in my drive way because I have another vehicle as my daily driver. I think I have only put about three thousand miles on it. I have all the services records since new including oil changes. When I bought it I serviced the entire drive-train including the engine with Amsoil along with a new wix fuel and air filter. I also put new rancho shock all the way around. There are NO rips, tears or dash cracks on the interior and the carpet has always had the double floor mats. I believe the original owner smoked a pipe because there is a very slight odor that is not noticeable with an air refresher. The bed was spayed with LineX when truck was new. I also have the original tail gate which is included. If I have left out any info feel free to ask any questions. I have about 50 photos but am only aloud 24 on this posting. Buyer is responsible for pick up and or shipping.

1998 Dodge Ram 3500

11 października 2013

60;       Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Harley-Davidson Other Condition: Used: A vehicle is considered used if it has been registered and issued a title. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle’s history. VIN: 1951 G 1578 Year: 1951 Vehicle Title: Clear Make: Harley-Davidson For Sale By: Private Seller Mileage: 52,980 Model: Other HARLEY DAVIDSON 1951 G 1578 SERVI CAR, 45 CU IN, FLATHEAD, WLA, WL. This is a very unique 1951 G Servi Car with very old paint. We were told it came from Marion, Virginia. They do not work but the front brake does. I will give a Bill of Sale to the buyer. The tires have some age and have Porta Walls. Some of the parts were missing so we installed some aftermarket parts which are Headlight, Taillight, Coil & Wiring Harness. The gas tank has been sealed inside because it had some rust. Look the pictures over well and ask any questions. Pay attention to the last picture and you will see an upside down „FOR SALE” on the top of the box lid. We installed a new wiring harness because the original was shot. The speedo reads 52980 but I do not not know if it is the original speedo. It has a 1937 – 1946 Distributor.

1951 Harley-Davidson Other

1934 Ford Other

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4 stycznia 2013

The only cosmetic flaws are small rock chips from normal road driving, mechanically the only problem is the driver side door electronic push button needs fixed, other than that just had it in the shop to ensure that everything is good to go before I sell aside from what was mentioned above. Car runs great and very reliable. The only reason that I am selling is because I am moving out of the country. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING, NO RETURNS, CAR SOLD AS IS.

1934 Ford Other

2003 Ford F-150 XLT

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21 sierpnia 2012

L V8 4X4 This truck is in great mechanical and body condition. I am the first owner and have been the primary driver since it was purchased from the dealership. It has been used mostly for commuting to school and work, mostly easy highway miles. It has never been used to tow anything, although it does have the tow package. It has never carried loads anywhere near the maximum capacity. It has never been in any accidents involving mechanical or body repair. I am selling the truck because I have moved with my Fiance and we are going down to one vehicle and hers makes the most sense. It has been loved and cared for over the years. It runs great and looks amazing for a 2003. I am more than glad to answer all questions and even take specific photos for serious buyers.

2003 Ford F-150 XLT

2005 Kawasaki Ninja

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22 lipca 2012

KAWASAKI ZX6RR 600CC SPORT BIKE. never down,bought brand new from dealer in 2005. rode it home,stripped it and turned it into a track bike. break in was properly done on dyno. rode it for 3 trackdays then put away wet. bone stock and safety wired very clean. will pass any AMA,AFM,WERA,WSMC tech inspection. no body work because I traded it for race body work. no race body work because I loaned it to a friend and he crashed. slicks have less than half a day on them and are good to go. will be serviced and good to go at time of pick up. buyer responsible for freight and shipping. race stand not included in sale.

2005 Kawasaki Ninja